Useful Links

Rice University:
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Rice Quantum Institute (RQI)
    Richard E. Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology (INST)
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Department of Chemistry
    Department of Materials Science and Nanoengineering
    Rice University Environmental Health and Safety
    Natelson group safety documents

Nanoscience science and experimental condensed matter physics at Rice:
    Ajayan Group
    Biswal Lab
    Colvin Group
    Du Group
    Hafner Lab
    Halas Group
    Kelly Lab
    Kono Lab
    Link Lab
    Lou Group
    Mittleman Group
    Morosan Group
    Pasquali Group
    Scuseria Group
    Smalley Group
    Tour Group
    Wong Group
    Zubarev Group
    Condensed Matter seminars

Cool physics-related sites: - Cornell e-print server - the latest hot results, but no peer review.... - Natelson's condensed matter physics blog - American Institute of Physics - American Physical Society - IBM Research - lots of neat topics - Bell Labs physical sciences - HP Labs nanoscience research - Very cool java applets for solid state physics! - More and different java applets for solid state physics. - Another java-driven physics site, though at a lower level. - University of Oregon's "virtual lab", another collection of applets.

General Nano-links (far from complete): - Feynman's "Plenty of Room at the Bottom" lecture - Nanometer construction consortium - NSF-sponsored repository of nanoscale information - Foresight Institute - a bit on the hypey side - Delft University in the Netherlands - a very impressive group - Weizman Institute - also very impressive. Mike Roukes' group at CalTech Andrew Cleland's group at UCSB Keith Schwab at Cornell  - Ray Ashoori at MIT Marc Kastner's group at CalTech - Charlie Marcus' group at Harvard - Bob Westervelt's group at Harvard - Charlie Lieber's group at Harvard - Mike Tinkham's group at Harvard - Hongkun Park's group at Harvard  - Jim Heath at CalTech - John Clarke's group at Berkeley - Alex Zettl's group at Berkeley Alex Rimberg's group at Dartmouth Mark Eriksson's group at Wisconsin Rob Schoelkopf's group at Yale Michel Devoret's group at Yale Dan Prober's group at Yale Mark Reed's group at Yale Marija Drndic's group at Penn Charlie Johnson's group at Penn Michael Fuhrer's group at Maryland Jeannie Lau's group at UC Riverside Gleb Finkelstein's group at Duke Marc Bockrath's group at CalTech Jim Eisenstein's group at CalTech Axel Scherer's group at CalTech Harry Atwater's group at CalTech - Theresa Mayer's group at Penn State - Paul Weiss' group at Penn State  -  Supriyo Datta at Purdue - Ron Reifenberger's group at Purdue - Paul McEuen at Cornell - Dan Ralph at Cornell   - Hong Jie Die's group at Stanford - Kam Moler's group at Stanford - David Goldhaber-Gordon's group at Stanford - Alexey Bezryadin at UIUC - Nadya Mason at UIUC - Teri Odom at Northwestern - Venkat Chandrasekhar at Northwestern - Norman Birge's group at Michigan State - Dragomir Davidovic's group at Georgia Tech Walt de Heer's group at Georgia Tech Philip Kim's group at Columbia Louis Brus' group at Columbia - David Cobden's group at Washington - The UNC NanoManipulator page

Scan Probe Microscopy: - Don Eigler's images at IBM - Cal Quate's group at Stanford - Hari Manoharan group at Stanford - Chad Mirkin's group at Northwestern Stuart Lindsay's group at Arizona State - Ali Yazdani at Princeton - Seamus Davis' group at Cornell

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