Natelson Group

The Natelson group in Rice University's Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Left to right, Xifan Wang, Panpan Zhou, Will Hardy, Doug Natelson, Behrang Hamadani (alumnus), Pavlo Zolotavin, Charlotte Evans, Loah Stevens, Yajing Li


Prof. Natelson

Doug Natelson
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Contact information:

Office: 301 Brockman Hall for Physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Rice University
MS 61
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005

Phone: 713-348-3214
Fax: 713-348-4150


Pavlo Zolotavin

Dr. Pavlo Zolotavin
Office: 314 Brockman Hall for Physics
Phone: 713-348-4547

Graduate students

Office: 221, 223 Brockman Hall for Physics
Phone: 713-348-3216

Will Hardy

Will Hardy

Loah Stevens

Loah Stevens

Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Evans

Panpan Zhou

Panpan Zhou

Xifan Wang

Xifan Wang

Xuanhan Zhao

Xuanhan Zhao

Undergraduate students

Mathieu Simeral

Matthew Simeral


Dr. Lam Yu, is now a Wiess Instructor at Rice --- Lam's PhD thesis (2005)

Dr. Behrang Hamadani, now at NIST --- Behrang's PhD thesis (2006)

Dr. Aaron Trionfi, now at CNA --- Aaron's PhD thesis (2006)

Dr. Sungbae Lee, now at a professor at GIST --- Sungbae's PhD thesis (2007)

Dr. Zachary Keane, now at Northrop Grumman --- Zach's PhD thesis (2009)

Dr. Alexandra Fursina, now at the Department of Quantum Nanoscience at TU Delft --- Alexandra's PhD thesis (2010)

Dr. Daniel Ward, now a staff scientist at Sandia National Laboratory --- Dan's PhD thesis (2010)

Dr. Jeffrey Worne, now working at CGGVeritas --- Jeff's PhD thesis (2012)

Dr. Patrick Wheeler, now developing distributed computing software --- Patrick's PhD thesis (2014)

Dr. Heng Ji, now a seismic imaging specialist with CGGVeritas --- Heng's PhD thesis (2015)

Dr. Kenneth Evans, now working as a postdoc with Rice's Baker Institute for Public Policy --- Kenny's PhD thesis (2015)

Dr. Ruoyu Chen, now working as a postdoc with Chun Ning Lau's group at Ohio State --- Ruoyu's PhD thesis (2016)

Dr. Yajing Li, now working as a postdoc with John Rogers' group at Northwestern --- Jenny's PhD thesis (2016)

Dr. Will Hardy, now working as a postdoc at Sandia National Lab --- Will's PhD thesis (2017)

Dr. Gavin Scott, now a member of technical staff at Bell Laboratories.

Dr. Jiang Wei, now assistant professor of physics at Tulane University.

Dr. Joseph B. Herzog, now assistant professor of physics at University of Arkansas

Dr. Pavlo Zolotavin, now a scientist with Lam Research.

Ben Huber (undergrad, 2014-15) is currently a grad student in civil engineering at Berkeley.

Michael Swift (undergrad, 2013) is currently a grad student in physics at UCSB.

Leland Richardson (undergrad, 2012) is cofounder of SIOPCO.

Reyes Calvo (visiting grad, 2008) is currently a postdoc at CIC nanoGUNE.

Jeffrey Russom (undergrad, 2008) is a senior software engineer with HomeAway.

Nick King (undergrad, 2007) is currently a research and development scientist with Proportional Technologies, Inc.

The Natelson group 2005, with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Left to right, Zack Keane, Aaron Trionfi, Bill Nye, Sungbae Lee, Lam Yu, Behrang Hamadani