Noise reveals nanosecond dynamics in V2O3

Noise measurements shows fluctuations in the resistance of V2O3 at timescales down to fractions of a nanosecond during the metal-insulator transition. These observations are consistent with "p-noise", a model of percolation. This work, led by Liyang Chen, was reported in APL Materials..

Photothermoelectric response of single-crystal Au

Measuring the photothermoelectric response of single-crystal and bi-crystal gold wires reveals surprises. Sharp, high-angle grain boundaries have almost no effect, while subtle structural defects are readily detectable by this impressively sensitive technique. This work, led by Charlotte Evans, was reported in Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. US.

Plasmon-enhanced hot carrier electroluminescence

Electrically driven plasmonic tunnel junctions are found to emit light at energies well above the applied voltage scale. This result shows that plasmons play a previously unappreciated role in the efficient generation of non-equilibrium electrons with very high effective temperatures. This work, led by Dr. Longji Cui, was reported in Nano Lett..